Numenera - Merlin

Hopalong Cassidy & the Giant Toad Monster of Yore

They didn’t get very far from the compound before a giant beast charged their vehicle. The monstrosity had a vaguely toad-like body with huge, clawed legs and arms, allowing it to leap and attack from great distances. Its slimy body was covered with bulging nodules filled with disgusting fluid that nauseated anyone close by when they burst. Its huge maw was lined with rows of razor-sharp teeth that led to a massive throat sack which already seemed to be squirming with another victim.

The party tried to swerve away from the creature by driving down a ravine, but Jax lost control and rolled the vehicle, trapping two of them under it and throwing the others to the ground. The monster snatched up a victim to consume, but Siri quickly threw her instant wings into the creatures mouth and activated them, forcing its jaws apart. Riding his new Cybornicorn, Ox charged into the fray, the two of them hacking and stabbing into the abomination.

Realizing he was wearing the behemoth down very slowly, Doc made his way around the beast and climbed up its back, slicing into its head to access the control chip he knew must be there. Meanwhile, Siri used her technology to protect the poor victim inside the monstrosity’s throat and Ox caused it to vomit the meal out.

Doc finally gained control of the creature and stopped its onslaught. He even used it to flip their vehicle back over so it could be repaired before releasing it back into the wild. Siri went to check on the toad’s victim, but backed away when she realized he was an employee of The Collector’s. He wanted a ride to the safety of town, but the party decided to try interrogating him first. Unsatisfied by his lack of answers, they chose to leave him in the wilderness with the rest of the monsters instead.


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