Numenera - Merlin

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

With so many unknowns, Doc and Ox decided to read further into the Book of the Steel Guard and Book of the Sun, as well as books on Abbith, including its inhabitants, plant life and structure. They learned many things, including a way to program nanites to put the vampires back into their deep sleep, a rite to summon forth the Black Knights, and information about the layers of Abbith (the lowest of which holding the most powerful Ancients), the spherical metallic people and a great city they inhabit nearby, and that more advanced organic lifeforms who used to life of the upper layer of Abbith.

Siri, Ox and Penelope worked on the nanites with the rest of the techs while Doc learned of a subterranean tunnel that passes into and through Abbith that the humans had originally used to escape the vampire city. Having failed to draw the vampires to them with a big human-smell fan, the party decided to use this passage to enter the city and unleash the nanites there.

The tunnel began under the Church of the Steel Guard and was guarded by an ancient trap using the armor of the Black Knights. The armor had reanimated and cut down several vampires that had attempted to sneak through. One vampire remained, but was crazed with fear. They discovered it was not just from the trap, however. Something else was pursuing them.

Using a mind control cypher, they commanded the vampire to lead them to the others. Passing into Abbith, they found the remains of the vampire scout party scattered about. They followed some screams and found the last vampire being telekinetically broken and torn apart by a small, floating, metallic sphere with the familiar ability to keep people from being able to see it.

The sphere was the being that had spoken to Siri (while unseen) in the past, and it happily remained behind to finish off the vampires as they continued on. The party passed back into their home plane and found themselves in the human ‘farm’ under the vampire palace. They made their way silently and unseen up into and through the city until they could see the vampires at the entrance to the Road of Origins. Ox cautiously approached the vampires, and after narrowly escaping being discovered, unleashed the nanites. The vampires slowly dropped where they stood, unconscious once more.

With the easiest way back to the City of the Sun blocked by slumbering vampires, the party returned the way they had come and ran into the mysterious, small, floating sphere once more. The sphere told them that they would not be able to return in time to tell their company to turn off the human fan before the force field that had been stopping it from working would deactivate. It even influenced an Abbithean beast to convince them. Afraid that the vampires would wake once more, Siri made a pact with the sphere in order to obtain its help.

The sphere was true to its word and instantly notified the company to deactivate the fan, allowing the vampires to slumber undisturbed. The party commenced their usual drinking celebration, along with the rest of the company. Because they were inebriated, however, they were unable to put up a fight when several men, commanded by a woman with some sort of display screen, incapacitated all the guards. The woman directed her team to capture Ox, Doc, Siri and Penelope, so they fired energy weapons at the party and everything went dark.


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