Numenera - Merlin

Meeting Old Friends for the First Time

Doc, Siri and Penelope awoke in the forest with bleary vision and a horrible pain in their heads. As their vision cleared and the pain began to subside, they searched the forest around them, attempting to ascertain where they were and locate Ox.

Hearing the sounds of a large beast moving through the trees towards them, they decide to turn and head the opposite direction. Unfortunately, they find themselves heading towards an even larger monster, and are soon running for their lives with both creatures in pursuit.

Suddenly, Doc runs face-first into a large, invisible force field wall. With no time to investigate, they turn and attempt to escape in the only remaining direction available to them before the massive predators are upon them, but the peculiar monsters are closing in too fast.

Siri attempts to blast the larger, reptilian beast, but even as it reels back in pain, so does Siri, as the mind-splitting headache returns once more. At least her attack seemed to have been enough to cause the fearsome behemoths to back off.

Apparently safe for the time being, they examined the force field wall further, finding that it ran for quite some distance in either direction, as well as vertically. They also discovered numerous camera devices watching them in the trees.

The party resumed their search through their idyllic wilderness cage, stumbling across a humanoid with translucent skin and chameleon abilities. After a bit of a rough start, they finally reached friendly terms with the unique being and learned that they were all captives of someone called the Collector. Whoever he was, he had gathered all of these extremely rare creatures here, and something about the party had obviously caught his interest.

The chameleon also introduced them to a unicorn who had apparently been there for many centuries, having been brought back and rebuilt after each time it had died. In fact, it was now more machine than animal on the inside. The unicorn told them that the Collector resides at the center of his zoo, but there was no way to approach the compound undetected. That is, except perhaps the cypher that Doc possessed to avoid being tracked…

The unicorn also revealed another useful bit of information. It had seen two other humans nearby. Hoping the humans might be their friends, they set off to find them, but were very surprised by who they found.

The humans were the remaining people from the ancient City of the Sun whom the party members had gained memories from, Arimar and Sarithania. Siri filled them in on everything that had happened, and Arimar and Sarithania told them that they had been taken into the woods for safety by a small, floating sphere from Abbith.

They all decided to join forces and try to take down the Collector, locate Ox and make their escape. Using his cypher, Doc was able to approach the employee door of the compound undetected. Although he could not hack the keypad, he was able to overload it and gain entry. With a mix of luck and skilled deception, he made his way to the control room, where he proceeded to learn how to use the implants that had been put inside all of their heads, causing all of the employees to fall asleep, take down the force field and defenses, locate Ox in a laboratory in the bowels of the compound, and invite all the sentient monsters to come to the compound and exact their revenge on the Collector.

Although the presence of these creatures made their escape somewhat more dangerous, Jax surprisingly showed up to assist, and together they freed Ox and drove away to safety, or so they hoped…


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