Welcome to the Deep Delvers!

Founded by the enterprising Eric Vitan, who has gained and lost more riches and wooed more women than the rest of the city combined (if his stories are to be believed), this young company follows a “high-risk, high-reward” philosophy, utilizing technology to explore new areas of the mountains and discover what hidden riches they hold. Its surprise appearance and initial successes have raised the ire of established mining operations in the area, as well as the interest of criminals hoping to nab any treasures they discover.

Some of the tools the Deep Delvers utilize include:

  • “The Mudder” – a sphere with flat end and 2 large handles that fires a beam to soften materials, even stone
  • “Stingers” – large drills that can be operated with 2 hands or mounted to vehicles
  • “Mud Hoppers” – all terrain vehicles for transporting materials and crew through tunnels or to/from HQ
  • “Muck Runners” – small metal boxes with wheels that can vastly increase mass to carry softened stone as it re-solidifies into perfect blocks (a fallback but steady source of income)

The Deep Delvers crew primarily consists of:

  • Diggers (12) – the lead excavating miners
  • Gophers (3) – new members to the digger team who shovel the softened stone and perform other random tasks
  • Techs (3) – Nanos who keep the machines running, scan for minerals and other treasures, heal the injured, assist with the “wildlife” and other trouble, etc.
  • Bosses (3) – management, namely Eric (the owner), Hank (mining production manager) and Sarik (chief technologist)

Numenera - Merlin

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