Numenera - Merlin

Leggo My Egg...OH!!!

Waking the following day feeling like she’d been the fat kid at a dodge ball game, Siri retraced her steps from just before Jax had jumped her, unsuccessfully looking for the device she’d been transporting back from the mine. Though still a bit hungover from a long night of free drinks, Ox and Doc attended her just in case Jax wasn’t done with her. Ox regretted that decision, however, upon witnessing the creepy mechanical zoo of abominations at her apartment.

But though they were all sore and exhausted, our team of crevasse spelunkers decided to head back to the mine to explore the ancient corridor Ox discovered. As they delved deeper, their boots stirred up a fine white dust that had obviously not been disturbed for a very long time. Dr. Gabriel sent a small robotic scout to investigate, which reported a large chamber up ahead. Within the massive underground chamber, they discovered an ancient city. The floor was littered with shards of bone from the long dead inhabitants, as well as several more of the strange metal objects Siri had found earlier.

In the center of the city was a large dais with what appeared to be a control panel at its side and lines connecting it all with the rest of the city. On the control panel they discovered several indentations, two of which seemed to be the shape of Siri’s talking egg and one which matches a smaller black sphere Ox had found.

Trying the stones in the indentations, they managed to not only power up the city, but open what they would later learn was a portal which the city used as its power source. Unfortunately, they also awakened the creatures that had apparently killed the city’s inhabitants, and they were hungry. Having originally come through the portal, the creatures awoke with its activation. All the metallic circlets the team had been finding filled with the same light that glowed from the portal and gathered the organic bone material to them to form legs and claws.

The creatures came at the team, who fought through and fled the city as quickly as they could, sealing the cave behind them. With the loss of apparent profit, Jax postponed his offer to hire the team, but made sure they understood that future offers would come if they found anything of value again.

Digging for Buried Treasure

As the Deep Delvers began to forcefully penetrate the Devil’s Crevasse, they did not know that it was suffering from a bad case of worms. Brandon “Ox” Loggorth the digger, Dr. Gabriel the consultant, Sarik the head tech and two other members of the digger team were deep in the tunnel when it suffered a catastrophic collapse, weakened by the invasive tunnels of the giant mountain worms. The team was trapped, but the combined efforts of Ox, Dr. Gabriel and Siri the tech freed the miners without loss of life. In the process, however, Ox found what appeared to be a man-made corridor that had not been exposed to the outside world for a very long time.

As the mining team was taken back to the city for recovery, Siri investigated the area and found two connected, metallic circlets surrounding a purple light. Discovering that the light was dangerous to organic material but curious to learn more, Siri decided to carefully take the strange object back to the city for further study.

While she was there, however, a dangerous man named Jax who works for a competitor showed up, apparently to investigate what the team had discovered. Feeling threatened, Siri attacked, taking Jax’s team out with a series of bomb explosions. They survived, however, and Jax left a note insinuating revenge of some sort on Siri. When Siri then went missing, Hank the head digger found what other team members he could quickly locate, Ox and Dr. Gabriel, to see if Jax had taken her and hopefully rescue her.

Finding a secret entrance into Jax’s residence, they sneaked in and heard him asking Siri what she knew about something, when he suddenly stopped, apparently alerted of their presence. They found Siri immobilized in some sort of interrogation chamber, but Jax was nowhere to be seen. Instead, they faced 2 fearsome guard creatures. Recognizing the lizard lineage of the beasts, Dr. Gabriel rapidly cooled the room, causing them to become sluggish and reducing the number of attacks they could unleash on the miners. The fight was still a hard one, and Hank fell to the punishing claw and poison attacks of the beasts, but in the end Siri was rescued and Hank was rushed to a hospital where he received anti-venom treatments that saved his life.


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