Brandon "Ox" Loggorth

The Doomed Glaive who Controls Beasts


Might 14 – Edge 1
Speed 14 – Edge 1
Intellect 8

Effort 1
Shins 5
Cyphers 2
Recovery Bonus 1


Five years working on this dump and nothing to show for it. Damn boss Erik Vitan hasn’t even shown his face around the pits, not even said “Hello” to me once. Only freaking reason I’m here is because he and his machines bankrupted my other workplace. Now all I do is shovel softened stone. Like a gopher. Not to show their head above ground! I’ll show them who is boss around here!

Banshee lands on my shoulder after flying around the pits. Was is it sweetheart? You found something interesting? She squawks. I look ahead and see her. The beautiful Penelope, daughter of Sarik, the chief technologist. Her face is like a splash of fresh water on my weary eyes. I think she’s the reason I continue to work here instead of moving somewhere else. I hear logging in the forest can still use some strong hands, but whenever see her I reevaluate my current situation. But no, she is not what Banshee is all fuzzed about. She takes flight and goes towards a part of the mine where a large rock was just dislodged. It’s dangerous, no support beams have been added yet. I see a reflection. It’s not shiny, but the opposite. I uncover it from the dust and rocks around it. It’s a dark sphere, like a black pearl. Nobody is around. I think this is my pay day. With this I could be free of this job, and with more free time I might even have time to woo Penelope. Banshee indicates someone is approaching. I hide the gem in my body. This is it. My chance to change my life around.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Brandon "Ox" Loggorth

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