Numenera - Merlin

The Devourer Swallows

Deciding to put their new found memories to the test, each party member focused and was able to remember various moments from their supposed past lives. Exploring the city further, they’re able to use those memories to locate their past homes. Within Ox’s home are numerous artifacts relating to The Devourer. As part of his past life being the head of science and technology in the city, apparently he had acquired quite the interest in the legend.

Ox also found a secret passageway that led to a chamber directly under the city’s central planar portal. It also seemed tied to The Devourer legend, so Ox decided to inform Penelope about it to get her more scholastic input. Both found themselves unsure of how to proceed, however, as the legends about The Devourer seemed to suggest that the good or evil nature of the summoner dictated the nature of The Devourer’s actions. So perhaps it would be a good idea to summon Him? In the end, they decided to leave the decision to the wisdom of Sarik, whose scientific curiosity won out, causing him to instruct Ox to summon The Devourer.

The approach of the massive, ancient being caused considerable panic to those above by the portal’s edge, and unfortunately the unsuspecting Zon on the other side of the portal was destroyed by the creatures approach. Though terrifying in appearance, The Devourer did not attack, however. In fact, Ox’s every request was answered, including the resurrection of the team members who had died in the city. In fact, Ox restored everyone who had died in the city… including the past city inhabitants. And that’s when Ox met the real past version of himself, who was named Khorik.

It turns out, this was all his plan. The memories the party members were experiencing were actually being caused by nanites that Khorik had programmed to lead them into summoning The Devourer. And now that his plan had come to fruition, he didn’t have much use for Ox and the others.

Ox tells The Devourer to consume Khorik, but Khorik tells The Devourer to consume Ox. Not being overly picky, The Devourer decides to consume both of them. However, Ox has tricked Khorik and uses a device to create a duplicate of himself, which The Devourer consumes instead. Khorik is not so lucky, and despite attempting to fly away, The Devourer easily engulfs him.

But thinking Ox dead, The Devourer is left to its own devices. Witnessing the being has increasingly left most of the onlookers in a stupor of adoration to its grandeur, so it mentally commands the mindless people of the city to willingly march into its gaping maw.

The party knew they had to act quickly. Remembering that creatures from the other plane required the portal to be open in order to sustain life, they come up with a plan to take the stones from the control panel and close The Devourer’s connection to the other plane’s power. Using the secret passageway from his dream, Doc and Siri are able to get close to the portal unseen. Meanwhile, Ox prepares to lead The Devourer down into the tunnels, allowing the others to sneak out and get the stones.

The plan goes off as intended, with Ox enraging The Devourer into chasing him, and the others sneaking out in its absence. However, Jax had been mesmerized by The Devourer and attempts to stop them. Siri sacrifices herself to keep him busy while Doc makes a break for the stones. Siri is hurt, but is not killed, and Doc makes it to the control panel. He grabs the stones and the portal begins to close, inciting a terrible roar from the beast.

But The Devourer has reached the secret chamber under the portal. Having devoured everything in His path, Ox steers Him into devouring the powerful summoning stone at the center of the chamber. A powerful explosion erupts up through the ground, sending Siri, Doc and Jax flying and destroying the control panel and dais. With a final scream of rage that rends at the very sanity of all those who can hear it The Devourer is ripped from this plane and banished back to his own.


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