Numenera - Merlin


Continuing to explore the research facility, the team discovered some trapped ‘animals’ from Abbith (the plane? on the other side of the portal). Revived by the opening of the portal, which seems to be source of their life force, the team was astonished to find them all living. Some were harmless, but the stumbled upon a larger creature that had escaped its cage and battled it. One of their guards was killed in the fight before the drove the creature back, where it consumed the body of the guard. Siri suspected there might be another creature loose, but could not locate it.

They discovered that the creatures had wandered through the portal and into the waiting clutches of the city’s inhabitants, who experimented on them. The team decided to let them go and had Zon shepherd them through the portal. Siri and Ox stood guard over the portal on the other side (in Abbith) while Zon gathered the animals through. Protected by the inorganic forms, they seemed safe in Abbith, and while they were there, they also found that their inorganic forms were energized by the energy there and were not so exhausting. Later, Penelope also snuck through the portal and did some exploring of Abbith of her own.

That night, Siri, Doc and Ox had more vivid dreams. In his dream, Ox, having observed Siri and Doc meeting in secret again for another romantic tryst, angrily heads to a building near the center of the city. Once there, he uses a familiar looking device with blinking lights, pressing them in a specific order and opening a hidden door. He passes through and heads down a winding stairwell into the ground… then wakes up. Siri dreams about how her fantasy tryst with Doc is apparently forbidden as they are “keepers of the stones.”

Doc also dreams of a secret passage:

Still fleeing the creatures, Ox will suddenly emerge from a side alley and pull the two of them to the side, blasting the beasts with some sort of force device that blows them apart. Frantically, he spins on them asking, “Where are the stones?”

Siri responds, “We don’t have them, they’re still in the control panel!”

Ox swears vehemently. “You left them behind?!? With the portal open, more of those things can just keep coming through! The city will be lost!!!”

Siri and Doc look down, ashamed by the feeling that they should have risked themselves to try to close the portal, as only they could do. Ox pauses, then simply says, “Follow me.” Turning on his heel, he leads them inside a nearby building, using a familiar looking device with blinking lights to open a secret door.

“What is this?” Doc asks Ox.

“Access tunnel,” Ox tersely responds. “Quickly, we don’t have time for this. Follow the passageway. When it branches, turn left. You will come up in a building next to the central dais. That’s as close as I can get you. You’ll have to make a break for it and get to the control panel from there. Retrieve the stones and close the portal, then meet me back in the tunnels. I have a plan.”

Siri and Doc look at each other, confusion and mistrust contorting their faces, but then an uncomfortably close scream shatters their moment of hesitation, and they race down into the tunnel.

Siri confronts Ox and Doc about why they’re acting so oddly and asks if they’re having strange dreams, as well. She asks everyone to be more open, yet she and the others don’t share any real details about their dreams. Penelope, however, reveals to Ox that she has also had a romantic dream involving Siri.

Frustrated by her inability to get answers from the eggs about what is affecting them, Siri experimented with a device she found in the city and discovered it translates the language that the eggs speak. Finally able to interrogate her stone, it indicates that it found her and recognized her and her dreams are memories, leading her to think that they may be reincarnated from the people that they’re having dreams about.


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