Numenera - Merlin

Balls O Steel

Returning to town in order to heal from their battle with the other-dimensional creatures, they realized one of the vermin was running loose in the streets, killing people. Convinced that they still held the key to profits, Doc decided that they should capture it instead of kill it. Once it was safely trapped within some cookware, they returned it to Sarik for study.

Sarik devised a device to repel the creatures and allow the team to return to the underground city safely, whether to learn more or simply deactivate the portal and regain their stones. When they entered the cavern, however, they could not see the creatures anywhere. Instead, they saw a gigantic metal ball. For once, Siri chose not to attack first and so they thankfully learned it was a friendly giant ball named Zon. In fact, this ball could shift his metallic structure into other forms, including one mimicking the humanoid shape of the team. It seems another being had come through the portal, and once they learned how to communicate with him, he was of great assistance understanding the portal and sending the creatures, called Tarik’th’aa, back through it.

Since he also consumed organic material, the team encouraged him to go eat a crazy numenera mutant elk while they explored the center of the city further. After he’d had his fill, he also returned through the portal and the team shut it down, promising to be in touch. In the absence of Jax, Doc held on to his stone from the control panel.

In the days that followed, a camp was setup outside the cave and the Deep Delvers’ team began to study the ancient city’s secrets. They’ve learned the metal that comprises the ‘bodies’ of the creatures from the other plane is unique and allows an infusion of planar energy, the combination of which somehow allows sentience. As yet, however, they have not found a way to keep the energy active for long on this plane once the portal has been closed. And although anyone can use the control panel once the stones are in place, only Doc and Siri can communicate with and command them specifically.

The denizens of the city had learned the secrets of channeling the energy to their own purposes, however, and the understanding of those techniques and/or what they created from it entices the team on…


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